It all started with a thought, then it turned to a question, and the question was; what is a blog? How do you start a blog? How do you get friends? The only answers I received was, you can write anything you want, just go start one. So I started a blog this is my first ever blog cite, this here post goes out to my first 2 blog buddies who I’m very appreciative for. I salute you both.image These are my first to followers and I’m super excited that I started a blog. You 2 ladies inspired me to continue blogging. Thank you, this pink rose is for you 2, pink was a favorite color šŸ˜Š Ā Smile more frown less.

“When one puts there mind to accomplish the unaccomplished, and believe in yourself, the skies the limit, you can water the moon when you operate your total brain. It’s called mustard seed faith. Believe in what you can imagine to believe in, and you’ll unlock your destiny.” Thebookofknowledge1



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