Tenacious Determination 

When your destined for greatness, and you’ve altered your schedule to approach the unfamiliar zone of lonely existence, and you’ve heard all the negative things in your life, people will treat you in what ever kind of manner they want, you fall numb to it. It then will go in one ear and out the other and drift away to the ones that accepts the ignorance/ inhuman like ways. Anytime your closer to pursuing your dreams/goals the road seems to thin out and the only thing you can do is move forward. 
Your on this uncanny path to success that not too many people can even think or imagine. You look to the left and right of you and it’s a cliff with no barriers. You can’t look behind you cuz there’s no eyes in the back of your head for a reason, and as soon as you try to turn and look back that road thins out even more, especially when your in disbelief for not trusting in yourself to keep pursuing and keep pushing on, only thing left to do is keep moving forward to the abundance of great tidings and success, as well as keep your eyes on your destiny no matter the measures one faces. 

No one with the mind frame opposite of you wants you to be successful, yet instead tries to keep you comfortable around their everyday life/ schedule and still complains how hard life is. It’s all mental, it’s always good to listen before you react, and think before you speak; they say a tongue is a powerful weapon, it can be extremely calming like the sea; or erupt like the depths of a volcano. They expect you to stoop to there level of thinking and remain trapped in that rat race maze. 
They say the blind can’t lead the blind, I agree and disagree, the lazy blind can’t lead the blind. When your determined to do such high quality things such as ride a skateboard with no legs, ride a bike with no arms, complete a marathon at 100 years old, because you abstracted the correct thinking pattern, you didn’t allow a single person to stop your Pursuit to Happiness, yet instead you pushed past the 1000 No’s to get the One correct Yes that you’ve envisioned. 
When you change your thinking pattern to benefit you instead of trying to benefit the hundreds around you; you’ll suddenly feel a shift in behavior and the boom of joy explodes out due to you staying consistent over time, instead of consistently waisting time which we all have done, or still do. No one is perfect, in fact who ever can master walking on water my hats off to you and I’d love to hear what it took to do such an amazing thing! And how you went about doing it mentally.
“Life is about choices, some may seem wrong, some may seem right, only you are the one who determines the right or wrong. Travel places with the intent to pave a new found path, so the ones that believed will keep on believing as they will come along with you to help sustain the path as its developing, and it opens the eyes to the ones who were unsure about believing.”The Book of Knowledge1

5 thoughts on “Tenacious Determination 

  1. This is dope!! This is what our people need to read daily, until it manifest in our heart, mind, and soul. Knowledge is DEFINITELY power, and the more WE know the more WE grow…

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      1. I’m also creating this blog to show people how much positive fun you can have, how much laughter is really inside the soul. I do appreciate each and every one of your kind words, feel free to share the link with anyone.


  2. This is going to be epic! Everything in this post is what we need to hear on a daily. It NEED to manifest in our heart, mind, and soul. Awesome job broski!!!

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